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What we did

UX/UI Design
User Testing

Samsung annual conference for developers and digital product creators is an exceptional event. This year they planned to reveal more announcements than ever and their website needed to be way more than just a place to display static information.

The challenge was to give attendants and potential attendants clear information about the event while showing them that this edition was one of a kind in terms of innovation.

Before developing the solution, we needed to understand how they have communicated and what resources they have used in the past. We carried out a full evaluation of previous events websites and the competitors' sites.

We built a clearer information architecture and easier navigation through each of the website sections. We defined together with Agency EA a look & feel that spoke both to the developers and creators. Also, we managed to launch the website before early birds were released (that was really fast).

“We had a site that was thrown together by amateurs and a name that was more playful than professional. We needed design and branding that inspired trust."


Daniel Grátacos

CTO at Silence

Finally, we coordinated teams in US, Korea, Spain and Argentina to test the site in multiple resolutions to make sure that the site was fully responsive and that the design was flawless. Success.

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