About bardo

Product Design& Innovation

We design innovative products and propel companies.

Bardo is a Barcelona-based Product Design and Innovation company fueled by deep thoughts, creativity and bold methodologies.

- About Bardo

What we do

We design products.

We design products.

We solve problems with no pain and let you be 100% sure about the decisions you make and the roadmap you follow to build the best products. We want you to get everything right fast and without losing sight of the long-run.

We enable innovation.

We enable innovation.

We operate as advisors providing strategic design support before, during, and after project work. We are a partner for the long-run that wants you to grow, stay relevant and explore new territories while enjoying the journey.

- About Bardo

How we do it

Design Sprints

We know from experience that people waste time and energy trying to solve the wrong problems. We do Design Sprints for you to do research, detect problems, find solutions, build products and test them in just 1 week.


Brand Sprints

Brands build trust. They tell stories and connect users. With competition increasing in all industries, niches and markets, our brand is now one of the most important tools to achieve success.


Innovation Workshops

Being innovative is tough. It's not about just adding innovation to your company but about learning how you should innovate


We are a versatile team of experts

Bardo is run by humans with complimentary talents. We are a small but mighty team blurring the lines between design and engineering and encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration. We are headquartered in Barcelona.

Juan Manuel Abrigo

CEO - Product Strategist

Josefina Blattmann

Marketing Strategist

Joaquín Alejo Gatti

Business & Operations Strategist

Martín Bacigalupo

Product Designer

Maria Santos Baranco

Product Designer

Julián Falcionelli

Technical Director

Pablo Dominé

Mobile Engineer

Gisela Abrigo

UX/UI Designer

Get in touch

If you want to build a new product, improve an old one or bring innovation into your company, Bardo has you covered.

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