Why are UX/UI agencies a thing from the past?

UX/UI is not enough anymore. Let us show you why.

UX and UI are everywhere and it’s still difficult to understand what they actually mean in the accelerating digital product world. Agencies that focus solely on creating great user experiences cannot subsist today. Why? Well, great user experiences have become what users expect so that’s not a differential anymore. Users already know what UX and UI is even though some companies are struggling to understand the difference between each of the concepts.

This does not mean agencies should not hire skilled UX/UI designers anymore. This just means that skilled UX/UI designers have become the standard. Today, agencies should get into a whole new level and begin to understand business in order to offer a better service. You can’t trust an agency that’s just worried about UX/UI and not about actually detecting the problems you need to solve and find solutions that are a good match for your specific company.

Agencies need to move fast and they can’t do it if they are playing around with UX and trying to get more and more information about the user. They loose focus and spend months and months on UX research that leads nowhere just because a client believes that's the best way to go. As soon as the research is finally over something new has probably come out or will be released soon.

Agencies should help the client get to know other methods. They shouldn't work from briefs with fixed problem-solution sets because those are probably wrong or can be improved or optimized. Clients usually have great ideas but agencies are the ones that should help them get the most out of them and not just stick to what the clients believes it's the best choice. After all, they are calling an agency because they need extra help, right?

Now that The Golden Age of UX is Over and beautiful UX and UI are a given, agencies need to be much more agile and try to get a bigger picture and understand the whole product creation process. Strategy, UX, Growth, UI and Marketing are not individual disciplines for agencies, they are all mixed together and the only agency that will actually help is the one that understands each of them.

Actually,  Product Designer is the new UX Designer. They should be able to handle sales, marketing, business, brand and user experience and fuse everything together. Product Designers is actually a fancy name that stands for “creative problem solvers” that have already understood UX and now are looking to understand the whole process in order to be able to detect what needs to be fixed, prioritize tasks and work fast.

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