7 ways in which you can beat burnout

Some symptoms of burnout are: deep lack of energy, strong negativity with everything related to work, lack of enthusiasm, feeling overcome by responsibilities and low professional efficiency. Let’s see how to beat burnout for once and for all.

According to the World Health Organization, burnout today is a legitimate medical diagnosis. It is estimated that it affects 10% of the active population in the world and the tech industry is the one that has more risk of causing burnout. If we identify the situations that lead us to suffer it, we will have a chance to avoid it. Let’s see how you can beat burnout.‍

#1 Learn how to manage your time

One of the biggest causes of job fatigue is having a never ending always full to-do list. When we have a workload that adapts to our ability and our availability, we can complete tasks effectively, have time to rest and recover, and find moments to pursue professional growth and development.

When we are overloaded, these opportunities to restore balance are absent and our level of stress skyrockets. To face this problem we need to manage our time as efficiently as we can. Plan your workload, prioritize and delegate tasks and set aside perfectionism. It is also advisable to follow a tight schedule of times of entry and exit from work, save time to do extra-work activities and to have a socia life. You need to create spaces where you can talk and think about something else and not just work.

#2 Stay Healthy

It is important that you take care of your mind and body. Sleep eight hours a day, go for a walk at leisure, exercise and keep a healthy diet. Also: go out for a beer, read a nice book, start a new course, meet with old friends. All of those things are good for you and will absolutely change your mood.

#3 Recover inspiration

You are not in your current work just by chance. You must ask yourself why you are working there, what makes you stay at that job, what thing does the company offer you that set it apart from any other. In stressful situations you need to focus on the things that motivate you to make sure that you are doing the right thing and that you will actually get rewards in the long term. If there’s nothing in your current job that motivates you, why stay?

#4 Ask for help and communicate

Talk to your co-workers and bosses and ask them for help. It is very likely that there is someone from your company going through the exact same thing. Lean on them to delegate work, tell them how you feel and think ways of having a better work environment and optimizing the workload. Also, do not hesitate to consult a specialist, they are the experts.

#5 Learn to say no

Each activity that we accept adds another to-do on the list. If you know you cannot carry out a certain task just say no. It is better to speak up and politely reject the offer than to get stuck on a project that will prevent you from feeling well.

#6 Celebrate

Celebrate small day to day victories. Give yourself a small prize, like a visit to the cinema, a nice piece of clothing or a beer with friends. You will see that you will finish your goals sooner than you thought.

#7 Ask for an external opinion

Many times we are drowning in our problems and we cannot even consider a way out exists. A new perspective — from a friend, counselor or relative — can be defining when developing a healthy plan to get out of the situation that overwhelms you. You don’t need to pretend you are fine. Speak out!

The problem with burnout syndrome is that it is different for everyone. What worked for some may not be the key to you, but the secret is never giving up and asking for help. There is a healthy, manageable and productive version of your life, it only takes some time to find it. Keep looking and try new changes until you find what works for you. You never know where or when you could find the solution to your productivity problems.


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