Shut up and run The Sprint

Innovate, solve big challenges and build better products faster at a low risk by running a 4-day Design Sprint.

Do I need a Design Sprint?

If you're building digital products, physical products, business models, strategy or innovation projects, then you need a Design Sprint. It lets you solve big challenges, faster and lowering uncertainty. It doesn't matter if you already have a UX/UI team or so.

Design Sprint

What if you could increase your confidence in product-market fit? A Design Sprint can help you do just that.

design sprint

Why Design Sprints?

Design Sprints are oriented at solving big product-related problems significantly faster. It’s no longer enough to have a good product or a brilliant idea, you need to have the right strategy to succeed.

They are the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing, if a feature is worth the effort, or if your value proposition is really valid. Don’t invest months of time, invest a week.

How does a Design Sprint work?

The Design Sprint is essentially a 4-day process. On Day 1, we work together with you to define the challenges and plan out the week. On Day 2,  we decide what challenges to prototype. On Day 3, we build a high fidelity prototype. On Day 4, we test it with real users, no guesswork.

Design Sprint
Design Sprint


Define the challenges and produce solutions.
Design Sprint


Curate and vote on the best solutions.
Design Sprint


Design and build the prototype and set up the user tests.
Design Sprint


Test the prototype with real users and create clear next steps.
Design Sprint

What is the Outcome?

The outcome of every Design Sprint is a high-fidelity interactive prototype that feels like a real product and was tested by real users, and clear insights on where to go next.

What happens next?

Making decisions will be a lot easier. You’ll have a tangible representation of your product strategy in your hands and real user insights to guide your next steps and move forwards confidently. You can use a second sprint to iterate and polish the idea or you can use the prototype to move on to design and development.

Design Sprint
Design Sprint

Why Bardo?

We know how to replace guesswork and endless meetings with real, tangible, fast-paced progress. We are a team of design and tech experts that know how to create innovative products and propel companies.

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