Powering sustainable mobility.

What we did

Design Sprint
Product Strategy
UX/UI Design

Silence Urban Mobility S01 is a personal electric scooter free of charging points. It has a Fast&Easy battery that is removable, portable and can be charged at any outlet.

The challenge was to find the best way to turn on and off the scooter, show its location, display information regarding battery, range between recharging in real time and let users plan trips.

We kicked off the project with a Design Sprint. It helped us identify critical points, turn our assumptions into hypotheses and validate them. We built a prototype, tested it with our target users and went through a continuous iterative process. This was the key to try out different functionalities, keep the ones that proved to be useful and leave aside those that were not.

“We had a site that was thrown together by amateurs and a name that was more playful than professional. We needed design and branding that inspired trust."


Daniel Grátacos

CTO at Silence

Once we completed the Design Sprint, we had enough feedback to move on to the design and development of the app.

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